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Erh I'm never good at these. Just know that I am Alair Raine, and it is a pleasure meeting you stalker!
I am role playing on here as Alair Raine, obviously lol.
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alairraine: "Hey genius it was my idea." - lion king starter thing ouo //shot





"Okay fine, it was your idea.” Geez, she wasn’t going to let him have any fun, was she? But if anyone asked later, it was defiantly his idea. 

"Well, since that is done, Whatcha wanna do now? The day’s still young~" He says, throwing his heads up and behind his head, giving a smile. 


Alair waited for his answer, ignoring the fact of the sound of surprise in his voice at the fact that she did drink once in a while. It wasn’t like she always went out to drink, it was usually with friends, and plus its not like these two couldn’t handle themselves anyways.

"D-do what?? France?!!!" Her mouth hung open, he had to be kidding. Really, how the hell would they get to France at such a quick time? They wouldn’t! That would be their entire day! "Do you intend to stay there for like two days or something??" She asked, she would have thought he had a favorite place here. She had forgotten that France was his favorite place ever, but she’d never think she’d get to visit it in this lifetime.

"Yes, France. Ya heard me right~" The look of surprise on her face was priceless. Just like it was whenever anyone found out that he had been to the place. It was even better when he followed it up with how he got there. 

"I could stay there as long as I wanted to! I have a apartment there, after all. Ya obviously have underestimated me. Did it ever occur to ya how I got from place to place without burning a hole in my pocket?"

"It’s simple - I teleport! Not too hard for someone of my caliber." He grins, a confident glint to his eye. One of his favorite things was to show off, even to other supernatural creatures. It didn’t matter, as long as he had a audience for his antics he was fine.

"Yeah but doesn’t paying for the place without even being there burn a hole in your pocket?" She asked, raising an eyebrow at the male. Honestly, she should have figured he would do something like teleporting, but the thought didn’t even occur to her. She’s never teleported before, nor has she obtained the skill to do such a thing. Only old people like Alec could probably do such a thing.

"But you can teleport, I can’t." She spoke up, her crossing her arms. "It’s not like you can teleport a whole group of people I’m sure." She shrugged her shoulders as she wasn’t sure to what extent of the skill he had mastered. For all she knew he could teleport buildings with him, heck, she doesn’t know.

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